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Woven Color Printing Packing Industry Trends

In the context of economic globalization and internationalization of Chinese plastic industry structure is constantly, plastic products have been internationalized. Plastic products in China will continue to face India and other developing countries by strong competition.

(1) production

Prediction of "Twelve-Five", our plastic products will be an annual increase rate of about 20% in the "Eleven-Five" at the 2010 all-plastic industries on the basis of total output of 8.8 million tons, by the end of 2015, reaching 21.9 million tons. Total growth rate may be slightly lower than the "Eleven-Five" during the annual rate at 25%.

(2) output

"Eleven-Five" during the end of plastic is about 105 billion yuan. To "Twelve-Five" during the end of plastic production value will reach 270 billion yuan (this number is in the plastic raw material prices remained under constant conditions forecast).

(3) products

Prediction of the "Twelve-Five" period, the slight change in the proportion of the total production of plastic products: bag about 12%, 3% over the last five years, growing mainly due to international and domestic container bags of growing demand. Woven bags of about 35%; and roughly the last five years. Cement bags accounted for 40%, down 3% over the previous five years, the main reason for the decline is the decline of domestic bulk cement rate. Awnings, construction fences, screen about 4%, and roughly the last five years. Mesh pockets about 2%, and roughly the last five years. Other plastic products such as wire rope 7%, including the possible development and application of new plastic products.

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