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Wine Bag Little Knowledge Of Wine Bags

Wine Bag Little knowledge of wine bags

Little knowledge of wine bags

   At present, many people are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection, which has a close relationship with the relevant promotional activities, everyone in the behavior has also begun to have a certain binding. In such a background

, Bags, wine bags become people's daily necessities. However, even so, a lot of people do not understand the bag, then let us thoroughly understand what.

Materials, the wine bags are cotton, there are non-woven, the current bag factory in the high share of enterprises, so the number of materials made of wine bags to be more large. The key to environmental protection lies in its material

Whether the degradation of the national standard of environmentally friendly processing materials are polyethylene, because its degradation capacity is relative to other materials is better, and the bag factory production of wine bags, in this respect is not an advantage.

In the modeling style, wine bags and diverse styles, to meet the different needs. Three-dimensional wine bags, flat wine bags, folding bags, etc. These bags are very common. If the pattern points, there are

Net color wine bags, color wine bags, Tang Hua wine bags, embroidery bags and other types. Sort by size, there are standard wine bags, mini wine bags, three large wine bag.

In addition, the appropriate preservation, can make the bag more longevity. The specific approach is to put the wine bag dry, to avoid the sunshine, is strictly prohibited contact with corrosive substances.

 "Plastic" since the public gradually develop the habit of carrying wine bags shopping. Part of the business look at this opportunity, moving green shopping bags "brains" - printed on the wine bag. Yesterday, remember

In the city to see a number of large supermarket cash register, customers mostly use their own recyclable bag, and almost all the bags are printed on a variety of advertising - a mall supermarket name

Said the logo, there are other business brand, and some even on the bag address, the phone is printed out in detail. According to the use of wine bags of the public, because the bag is "limited plastic" on the eve,

Supermarkets and shopping malls free of charge, so for the above printed ads also accepted. Because the shopping bag every day to use, so there will be no more than the above, but hope that shopping bags can be done

Pretty, strong point. Bag color printing is now used in more printing is gravure film printing, film can generally be divided into two kinds, one is bright film or called the film, the other called the dumb film, the two

The effect of film or there is a certain difference, for the first time to do color printing film bags of customers may have a lot of do not understand, and now simply tell us about their differences.

We are in the film, the first is to produce the film, and then the laminating machine heating through the high and PP film will be covered together, bright film is characterized by high gloss, we will see the surface of the bag will

Reflective effect, the color looks more colorful, image crystal, color retention will be more long. Followed by light film (bright film) in the radiation performance better.

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