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Wine Bag From The Perspective Of Environmental Protection

Wine Bag From the perspective of environmental protection

Design principle and precautions of non - woven bag

First, the function of multi-functional shopping bags

Health: Design food isolation area, distinguish between the Hunting category, vegetarian, raw and cooked food, different kinds of food on different lattice, to avoid mixed food caused by cross-infection; the use of waterproof cloth production, enhance the isolation effect.

Effort: the design of wrist strap accessories, wrist, hand back, palm, respectively, force; and draw on the formation of flat force area, carry heavy objects do not pull hands, 100 meters far more effort and effect. Both anti-snatch function.

Convenience: waterproof cloth easy to dry, easy to wipe, cleaning; the main annex to form the whole, easy to keep; shopping bags folded Shoulong small volume, easy to carry; shopping bag small by the main annex can be divided into, easy to use.

Environmental protection: the use of environmentally friendly materials, can be reused, recyclable.

Second, the basis of functional design

From the perspective of environmental protection, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are widely regarded as the 20th century, the worst inventions of mankind, but it swept the world more than 100 years, is that it has two advantages, suitable for consumer needs. One is convenient. With plastic bags, people do not need shopping with their own shopping tools, eliminating the need to carry the tired; plastic bags used to throw, eliminating the retention of the tired. This fast rhythm of office workers, the length of the common use. Second, health. Plastic bags of low cost, there are prerequisites to Hunshi class, vegetables, raw food, cooked food and daily necessities were installed in different bags, especially food isolation is very important to avoid mixed food caused by cross-infection, in line with people's health look forward to. If it is not the environmental consequences of disaster, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags is very suitable for consumers need.

People use the ultra-thin plastic shopping bags of consumption habits, in the final analysis is convenient consumption habits, is the consumption habits of health, which is the fair consumption of the consumer core.

Plastic shopping bags of replacement products, must have the environmental protection, convenience, the basic functions of health, in-depth consumer needs, but also with the effort of the functional requirements.

Effort, that is, do not enjoy the heavy feeling of carrying heavy objects. Office workers shopping, usually the weekend for a week to buy food and daily necessities, each purchase a larger amount. Plastic shopping bags, the problem is not resolved, but the plastic shopping bags can be scattered carry, despite the sense of tranquility, its weight can still bear; do not use plastic shopping bags, the items will be purchased in a shopping tool (Bags or blue), things together carry, weight is not light, shopping to housewives as the main body, it is difficult to carry a move, so that the problem of effort to protrude out. Procurement of rice, oil, milk and other large packaging items, but also need to solve the problem of effort.

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