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Wine Bag Can Be Naturally Degraded

Wine Bag Can be naturally degraded

Plastic shopping bags are daily consumables, China consumes a lot of plastic shopping bags every year. Plastic shopping bags in the convenience of consumers at the same time, due to excessive use and recycling is not in place and other reasons, but also caused a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. In particular, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags easy to break, most were arbitrarily discarded, as "white pollution" the main source. More and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags. To implement the scientific concept of development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, from the source to take effective measures to urge enterprises to produce durable, easy to recycling plastic shopping bags, guide and encourage the rational use of plastic shopping bags, promote comprehensive utilization of resources, Protect the ecological environment, and further promote energy conservation and emission reduction work.

The so-called green bags, generally refers to the production of materials can be natural degradation, and degradation of the time will not be too long, at the same time, you can also repeat the use of bags, we can call it environmentally friendly bags.

Environmental noun editors

BOD5 refers to the water organic compounds and other aerobic content of a comprehensive index. When the water contained in the organic matter and air contact, due to the role of aerobic microorganisms decomposition, so that inorganic or gas consumption required when the amount of oxygen, that is, biochemical oxygen demand. Expressed in milligrams / liter. It is by adding water to the measured water can be decomposed organic matter and oxygen saturated water, at a certain temperature (20 ℃), after a specified number of days of the reaction, and then according to the amount of oxygen in the water to determine.

Dissolved oxygen

Dissolved oxygen is affected by the water temperature, air pressure and solute (such as salt), with the increase in water temperature, and the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere increased. As the water is contaminated, organic corrosive substances and other reducing substances exist, dissolved oxygen is consumed, so the more clean water, the more dissolved oxygen; water pollution more powerful, the less dissolved oxygen.


The amount of oxidant consumed when the water sample is treated with a certain strong oxidizing agent under certain conditions is expressed in milligrams per liter of oxygen. It uses a chemical oxidant to oxidize the reducing material in the water sample and then calculates the oxygen consumption from the amount of the remaining oxidant. Its determination, available potassium dichromate method, can also be used permanganate method.


Air Quality Weekly is based on the national "ambient air quality standards" in the provisions of several routine monitoring of routine pollutants, the evaluation of the city within a week of air quality, and the air pollution index in the form of signs to the public release.

AIR POLLUTION INDEX (API) is a way to reflect and evaluate air quality by simplifying the concentration of several air pollutants that are routinely monitored into a single conceptual numerical form and classifying air quality conditions and Air pollution, the results of concise and intuitive, easy to use, suitable for the city that short-term air quality and trends.

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