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Types And Characteristics Of Packaging Paper Bag

Packaging papers kraft paper, chicken, brown paper, paper bags, paper, parchment paper, cellophane paper, tar paper, waterproof paper, gunpowder neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper, wrapping paper, paper, greaseproof paper, food packaging paper, wax paper, and so on. Packaging papers required moisture content of high strength, low, small air permeability, corrosion-free, with a certain degree of water resistance. Required for use in food packaging paper or sanitary, sterile, contamination-free.

Wrapping paper is widely used and is the largest amount of food packaging paper, most varieties of different specifications. Food wrapping paper divided into inner and outer packing in two categories. Direct food contact packaging, mainly require clean, don't take germs, moisture, oil, anti-sticking, mildew and other characteristics. Wrapping paper is mainly designed to beautify and protect goods, apart from the required physical strength, also clean and beautiful, suitable for printing multi-color products design and writing. Wrapping paper for liquids such as milk, vegetable juice beverages, must also have excellent anti-permeability. In order to be a need for long-term conservation, preservation, and in recent years have developed film composite paper and metal, paper and plastic and metal thin film composite of specialty beverages soft wrapping paper. There are a larger amount of wrapping paper bulk powder packaging industrial and agricultural raw materials, such as paper bags for cement, fertilizer and paper are generally made with 3~4 layer above the paper, so it is also referred to as multi-ply paper bag paper, to distinguish it from packing light fine goods of other bags of paper. These wrappers are mainly require high strength, high overload resistance, impact resistance, and proper ventilation. To meet the needs of corrosion of metal instruments and tools, development of rust-proof paper. Most of them in the cardboard used for packaging, mainly for the manufacture of carton and packaging cushions.

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