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Non Woven Bag More Advantage

Non Woven Bag More advantage

Now many domestic large enterprises have to give up the use of paper bags to packaging, and gradually changed to the use of non-woven bags to wrap, slowly as a trend followed by many small businesses are also up to follow up. Why do not we use paper bags and choose non-woven bags?

Here I tell you why the non-woven bags will gradually replace the paper bag into the packaging industry.

First of all, non-woven bags produced gradually mature: non-woven bags imported into China through foreign countries, and through continuous improvement of production technology has gradually matured. From the previous color single, to the present color diversification. Has met the packaging industry to its requirements. Now non-woven bags colorful, printing realistic. From simple screen printing to peritoneal color printing, it is easy to show the distinctive themes of various products.

Second, the recyclability of non-woven bags. Non-woven bags more advantages than the paper bag is reusable, a paper bag can only be used once, and the cost is higher than non-woven bags, can not fully reflect the advertising value, and non-woven bags can be used repeatedly, After the completion of the mission bag, you can take up the mission of advertising bags. And the price is low.

Finally, the community on environmental protection requirements, non-woven bags are environmentally friendly bags, its easy to break down can reduce environmental pollution, a corresponding reduction in the use of plastic bags. The paper bag is the raw material of wood, a large number of paper bags is bound to waste a large number of national forest resources. And the national policy of afforestation is contrary. As the gradual reduction of the Earth's forest resources, the price of paper bags will be higher and higher environmental non-woven bags production process: the selection of cloth - cut cutting - printing - sewing - packaging.

1, pick cloth

When you receive an order of environmentally friendly non-woven bags, the first is to pick the fabric, a good cloth for the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags look good, the fabric probably choose the kind of appearance is not Ze, vertical and horizontal tension difference is small, feel To harden some of the cloth. The weight of the cloth on the selection, to be useful is appropriate.

Sometimes pick the appearance of the fabric to be shiny. The appearance of the fabric shiny, so that the preparation for the late printing, one is good printing, and then one is printed out of the role will be very good. So that the role of the whole will be very outstanding, so that the shopping bag out, will be loved by the vast number of consumers.

Sometimes the selection of fabric feel a little harder. Hard cloth, can stand up, can hold up, highlight the overall effect of environmental protection bags, very useful, whenever I shop, put a certain amount of items, not broken will not be bad. Safe, practical, this is the specification of shopping bags.

The same demand for fabric vertical and horizontal tension difference is small, but also to ensure that the shopping bag in the load-bearing, there is a good expression.

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