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Non Woven Bag Low Air Permeability

Non Woven Bag Low air permeability

At present, all countries in the world are restricting the use and development of plastic bags, such a big trend under the environment, gave a variety of environmentally friendly bags to provide a good prerequisite for non-woven bags is now a very practical one.

1, water-soluble speed can also be specific design, non-toxic pollution;

2, tensile strength, good tension, easy to be damaged;

3, high transparency, good gloss, beautiful appearance;

4, high softness, feel good, more durable;

5, good solvent resistance, heat sealing, printing, plasticity strong;

6, low permeability coefficient, to prevent the entry of harmful gases;

7, can be added plastic buckle or self-adhesive bags;

8, excellent anti-static performance, dust and so on.

These are most of the plastic bags do not have the advantage, so everyone from the practical or environmental point of view should adhere to the practical pollution-free non-woven bags. Hot summer is coming, a lot of things can not stand the test of high temperature, such as people use the shopping plastic bags, especially the kind of transparent, cheap film plastic bags. Once the case of high temperature will release the lead class of harmful substances. And it is easy to be absorbed by the body, a long time will lead to chronic poisoning. Can be said to be more dangerous.

The non-woven shopping bag is a new environmentally friendly material, with a beautiful, waterproof, breathable, flexible, non-toxic, no stimulation, biodegradable and other characteristics, even in high temperature conditions will appear undesirable characteristics. Polyester fabric waterproof, breathable, non-toxic, solid, can be folded into a smaller volume. Oxford fabric waterproof, flexible, non-toxic, can be washed. These are the materials commonly used in shopping bags.

Relative to the plastic bags, non-woven bags more use and development value, in this society to promote environmental protection, non-woven bag bags have become a trend of use. News to see a lot of plastic bags caused by the consequences of white pollution, so non-woven bags will soon replace the plastic bags.

Nonwovens are widely used in a modern fabric, clothing, bag making and other industries are indispensable raw materials. Because in addition to more practical but also has many other fabrics do not have the advantage. Here to introduce you. 1, soft: non-woven fabric structure is fine fibers, after a number of special processing and then feel very soft.

2, light weight: the production of materials is very light weight, and very thin and light, so that the weight of non-woven is also very light without a sense of burden.

3, non-toxic: fully meet the national standards, no harmful substances, no smell, no irritation, more humane.

4, breathable: fiber structure showing porosity, so that non-woven fabrics with good permeability, moisture and moisture does not degenerate.

5, antibacterial: can be isolated from the outside of the bacteria and other interference.

6, physical properties: from polypropylene spinning directly paved into a hot bond, the strength of large non-directional, vertical and horizontal strength close.

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