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Non Woven Bag Cost Is Cheap

Non Woven Bag Cost is cheap

"Non-woven bags in the end where environmental protection?" The biggest advantage is that the use of the crowd is very much. In a large sample survey. Professional institutions have come up with such data, from young people to the elderly, most people have chosen non-woven bags. The reason, the investigators found that most people like non-woven bags because:

1, non-woven bag design beautiful, fully meet the young people chasing fashion elements of the mentality. Mention also more face.

2, non-woven bags for the occasion is very comprehensive, almost can be said that no matter what the occasion can be used. Especially for ladies shopping.

3, in response to the government's call for environmental protection, and fully reduce the waste of resources. And non-woven bags can be repeated for many times, when not in use, can be folded up on the drawer, backpack, need to shop or carry items when used out.

4, non-woven bags cheap, which undoubtedly meet the small street to the shop, large to large business promotion needs. Many guests are willing to use this low cost, fashionable, environmentally friendly materials to make their own promotional gift packaging. Not only to a certain extent, save the cost, but also played an unexpected role in establishing the brand.

Some people may mention that we use paper bags, then, is not more environmentally friendly than non-woven?

So for this question, I will not think about to ask: the use of paper bags really environmentally friendly? If the paper bag is really environmentally friendly, it will not cause a large number of environmentalists strongly protested.

Large-scale production of paper bags, will undoubtedly need a lot of wood, and wood is to rely on our survival of trees as raw materials for processing. Large-scale production of paper bags, no doubt the need for large-scale cutting the woods, thereby reducing vegetation coverage, to the increasingly serious environmental problems to bring greater trouble. Ultimately, this approach is bound to reduce the large area of the forest, leading to damage to the ecological environment.

Some people may say that not only non-woven bags of environmental protection, other bags may be more environmentally friendly than non-woven bags, more fashionable. Yes, there are many more environmentally friendly materials than nonwovens, but the cost of most of the guests will be discouraged!

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