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Non Woven Bag Can Be Used Repeatedly

Non Woven Bag Can be used repeatedly

Use green non-woven shopping bags! Contribute to the cause of environmental protection, protect the earth, protect the atmosphere to contribute! Non-woven bags can be used repeatedly, compared to paper bags and plastic bags more durable, and biodegradable features, more conducive to the protection of the environment. We carefully produced non-woven bags and other bags, high quality, texture super good, but also highlight your extraordinary taste. Can print your own company's products and products LOGO, as advertising bags publicity. Environmental protection, a popular topic, a bounden duty, love the environment, everyone is responsible! Let each of us act!

As an environmentally friendly product, relative to those nylon bags, the cost of the price is certainly higher, and in some developed countries, environmental protection bags are more popular, with our increasing environmental protection concept, non-woven bags or conform to the trend of the times.

Here to talk about non-woven folding bags What are the advantages of it: durable, the same nature and other non-woven bags. Non-woven bags can be recycled, you can clean, etc .; small size, easy to carry. When you want to go shopping, just put it in your pocket, or get in the hands of the atmosphere; promote the best choice. People like to use this bag, small and refined, durable, advertisers can be carried out in the above publicity, presented.

 Non-woven bags are generally used screen printing process, which is often said that "silk screen", which has been a lot of manufacturers more commonly used printing process. Generally artificial printing, because the printing smell, color is not full easy to fall off, so the emergence of many new non-woven printing methods,

    Because of its use of water-based rubber mortar as a printing medium named after the textile printing more common, also known as printing. When printing the color paste and water-based plastic glue to reconcile. Wash the plate without chemical solvents, can be washed directly with water. Its characteristics are good coloring ability, with strong cover and fastness, washable, basically no smell.

Watermark printing bags.

    The finished product processed in this way is usually called a non-woven bag. This process is divided into two steps, that is, the first use of the traditional gravure printing process will be printed on the film, and then use the coating process will be printed on the pattern of film composite in the non-woven fabrics. General large-scale color pattern printing of non-woven bags are used in this process. Its characteristics are beautifully printed, full use of machine production, production cycle is short. In addition the product has excellent waterproof performance, the durability of the finished product is also better than other non-woven bags produced by the process. Film with light and matte two options, matte scrub effect! The product is stylish and generous, durable, full color, pattern realistic, the disadvantage is the price is more expensive.

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