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Improvement Of The Environment From The Use Of Reusable Bags

Demmin, said in the next phase of development in Jingzhou to change the mode of development, scientific development "Twelve-Five planning, enhancing public awareness of the energy-saving ring non-woven bag, vigorously develop clean energy. "We should be aware of the seriousness of the problem, we are standing on the brink of disaster ... ... Dang several Sky afternoon, national CPPCC Standing Committee, and Hubei CPPCC Deputy President, and JIU San society Central Standing Committee, and Hubei provincial main Board, and Huazhong University of science and coal burning national focus experiment Director Zheng chuguang, station in global of height, to < global variable environmental bags warm--human faced most serious challenge for theme, System interpretation has including "energy of waste and scarcity, and environment of vulnerable and damage, and greenhouse effect and global variable warm, and human of selection and countermeasures, knowledge, advocate participants who set pollution crisis consciousness, He has to learn how to tackle climate change, developing a low-carbon economy a little comments. Demmin said, decided to close a number of pollution in Jingzhou of small paint, small paper-making enterprises, Jingzhou million energy consumption index in the province leading, air quality index levels of days year in days, walk in the forefront of environmental protection of Jingzhou. City leaders Demmin, Wang Jiafu, Yi Faxin, Deng Wugui, Lei Zhongxi, Zhang Qikuan, Jiang Changqi attended the meeting.

"We now have environmental pressures, there is pressure to develop, to improve awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, from using the bags, do ... ... 2 days free afternoon, municipal Center for theoretical study group focused on advocating "green recognize non-woven bag printing knowledge, Party Secretary Wang Ying Daiming after listening to Professor Zheng chuguang interpretation, on-site request.

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