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Cotton Bag Fine And Convenient

Cotton Bag Fine and convenient

We use this kind of cotton bag in fact it is an environmentally friendly bag, and this type of environmental protection bags with fine facilities, with, do not pollute the environment characteristics, of course, its greatest strength is to repeat the use of together But also greatly limit the environmental pollution.

In fact, this type of cotton cloth is taken from the natural cotton, and many times, but also because most of its environmental cotton bags are rarely stained, according to the bag industry, So it is usually the raw material is basically in the raw material is very environmentally friendly, but the demand for more attention is that can also be due to cotton cloth fabric than non-woven high, pick its company and the unit is usually contrast to environmental protection, And is also a comparison of strength, with ink will not save that point of the cost.

Basically, we use the non-woven bags are also made of pure cotton raw materials, then you know that the use of cotton raw materials made of environmentally friendly bags Han Han it? It has a good hygroscopicity, moisturizing, heat resistance, cleaning and other advantages, the following let Yu Mei bags Xiaobian to specifically for us to introduce!

1, heat resistance:

Basically, we use this kind of cotton fabric heat resistance is outstanding, it is in the 110 ℃ below the time, will lead to moisture on the fabric transpiration, and will not damage the fiber together, so the cotton fabric at room temperature, The

2, cleaning:

Basically, we use this raw cotton fiber is a natural fiber, many times, it is the main component of cellulose, of course, a small number of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin, and clean contrast!

3, hygroscopicity:

The use of cotton raw materials made of environmentally friendly bags, with excellent hygroscopicity, and many times, we use the fiber can be absorbed into the surrounding atmosphere of water, of course, its moisture content of 8-10%, so it Touch people's skin, make people feel soft and not blunt.

4, moisturizing:

Can be because the cotton fiber is hot and electrical bad conductor, with its very low thermal conductivity, and the cotton fiber itself is porous, high elasticity, so many times, such as the kind of fiber can accumulate a lot of air , Basically the air is hot and electric bad conductor, so cotton fiber textile has excellent moisture resistance.

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