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Color Printing Woven Bag Leak Detection Method And Its Development Prospect

Color printing woven bag leak detection includes the following steps measurement of color printing woven bag in a sealed space, and pressure on the measurements of space, its pressure higher than the pressure within the color printing woven bag, determination of the pressure measurement function over time. Measuring predetermined period of time. At least two of the same color printing woven bag, into separate measurements of space of the same size. Same measurement of initial pressure imposed on two enclosed spaces.

Common woven bags may seem ordinary in life, in fact, it has great potential for development, and our suppliers, has good prospects for development. Now, Europe many production of national because labor insufficient of problem, is yearly reduced production, its supply most relies on from abroad imports, and China of woven bags quality yearly upgrade, production machine equipment and process level, and management level has is big of breakthrough, after these production manufacturers of efforts, in international and domestic of woven bags market made has good of results, export of number is yearly increased, type and performance also get constantly of perfect, in market Shang made is good of reputation.

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