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Cloth Basics

Fabric – each fabric has its own characteristics, which is its own conditions and performance. And material properties can be divided into raw materials, texture, texture, weight, touch, finishing and cleaning performance and so on. Brief description of the weave of the fabric, texture, weight, and performance. 1, texture: fabrics include woven and knitted fabrics, woven cloth for most of our garments are, the most common woven fabric of plain weave, twill weave, refers to Interwoven yarns methodically cloth body structure, the relationship between the texture of the fabric, weight and feel. 2, texture: each item has its own organizational structure, due to the different materials and weave, different tactile/Visual effects. Such as: smooth gloss cotton, soft, lightweight yarn materials. 

A cosplay clothes great attention to the texture of the original, so be careful when selecting fabric, it is best to discuss ways to cut and tailor material. 3, weight: fabric weight usually G/M, (how many grams per meter). This goes without saying it, want elegant effect to choose lighter fabrics, and vice versa. Exterior of the jacket, skirt, pants and many heavy fabrics and shirts with a lighter fabric, in addition, the fabric also has a close relationship with the seasons, autumn and winter will use a heavier fabric, spring summer and lighter fabrics.

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