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Canvas Bag Unique With The Design

Canvas Bag Unique with the design

Canvas package classic undefeated fashion trend concept, with a canvas bag itself with the unique design, coupled with the most topic of the appearance of embellishment and intrinsic quality, is a collection of major brand popular elements in one, designed for young people A series of fashion products, light material, wild tones, after special treatment, drifting wood more distributed brand has always uphold the low-key fashion style. Autumn and winter of the new varieties, passionate style with retro classic accessories become a bright spot.

Drifting wood autumn and winter show field is full of the last century 80's style of taste and shape, but the drift wood canvas bag in its eye-catching degree is not bad, especially the use of accessories, looks very elegant and noble, different Of the accessories to the people of different visual impact, the same material and give people a variety of levels. Canvas bag in order to achieve wild effect from Hong Kong high-tech design team to design luggage, professional design and market environment survey.

The final drift wooden canvas bag designed a variety of simple atmosphere, classic style big bag. Get the market widely recognized, the so-called classic, has always been the test of time, they do not have to hasten to follow the market, drifting wooden canvas bag often launched a new at the same time, from the majority of customer psychology analysis, if a package is very long, It must first of all quality is superior, superior design can not be eliminated, superior quality to wear and tear durable, which is the most basic reason, drift wood canvas bag every new package listed, drifting wood with the nature of wild, Highlight their own personality, showing the desire to freedom of life philosophy, from the arrival of "change from the case." In this drift wood to remind you about, you can match with their own personality is called the United States! Can be with their own character is king!


1, washing: the water by adding a small amount of laundry detergent or soap gently rubbed, if stubborn stains can be gently brush with a soft brush to avoid prolonged soaking, leather parts try to avoid water.

2, drying: drying please inside the bag turned to the inside, upside down to dry, is conducive to maintaining the original package shape. Avoid direct sunlight, dry or dry way the most ideal.

3, storage: do not use for a long time, please store in a cool dry place, to avoid weight, so as to avoid moisture or deformation from the deformation.

With the care and meticulous maintenance, your favorite canvas bag will be more back feeling! 

Canvas fabric due to solid, fast-resistant characteristics, early more used to manufacture military tents, parachutes and so on. With the progress of science and technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, the type of canvas gradually increased, more widely used. Twenty-first century, into the era of environmental protection, canvas this environmentally friendly fabric has been more recognition, and carrying a new fashion concept, into the fashion field. Canvas bag into the current fashion a single product. However, in the purchase of canvas bag, we tend to have errors, some consumers think that the thicker canvas bag, the better the quality, but in reality, the fabric quality and fabric thickness has nothing to do with cotton and processing methods is to determine the quality of the fabric Important factors, canvas Republic of the fabric after a variety of technical treatment of high-quality canvas fabric is not only solid and durable, while feel more delicate, soft, breathable, fabric light also reduced the original heavy canvas bag to bring the sense of weight.

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