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Canvas Bag Made Of Natural Materials

Canvas Bag Made of natural materials

Then I believe that this is a very worried about a problem, where I will introduce the canvas bag in the end there is no harm to the human body. Canvas bag made of natural materials made of. Since it is natural material, then certainly not much harm to the human body. There is a little harm, of course, is contaminated material. This material is generally a heavy industrial area to grow out of a material, but who will go to heavy industrial area planted, so this probability is still very small.

 Now many customers like to manufacturers to produce, this price is both cheap and the quality is also a great guarantee, but only suitable for more customers to do more to do more cheap. Every company in the production of canvas bags to ensure quality problems, if the quality of customers, then most customers will only suffer a loss, but also greatly loss of the company's customers. Limited in this regard are dealing with very good, like New Oriental such a large customer is always with us is the cooperation. So the quality and quantity is no problem. And our company also to protect the customer's funds and preferential prices, the general company will give you a contract, so that each customer can get the greatest security. The above is the company's interpretation of the canvas bag and custom process.

   Since 2008 canvas bag quietly appeared in people's lives, in 2008 began to promote the "green" word, and in this word, canvas bag is now slowly fire up.

     Canvas bag is calculated in grams, refers to the weight of a square meter of cloth. Woven gauze fabric with "ounce" or "OZ" knitted canvas generally with weight (g / m2) it is an ounce equal to 28.375 grams, but in the said cloth on the general 28.35 grams, with yarn and fabric Warp and weft density, the more coarse the greater the density of cloth, the greater the weight.

     Cotton bags are made for the production of natural cotton, in the international arena is very popular green bags, cotton is taken from the natural cotton, most of the environmentally friendly cotton bags are also rarely stained. In the raw materials are more expensive than non-woven bags, because of your expensive, expensive in terms of quality and materials, and cotton bags than non-woven bags more solid, so the general choice of cotton bags of enterprises or companies are Used for environmental protection. 2008 "plastic limit order" after the promulgation, canvas bags began to pop up in the country. At first just simply used to shop for shopping bags, with a simple design with the simple, to conquer a group of small fresh, the streets are gradually full of canvas bag.

    Canvas bag design and then simple, but the contours of imitation of large-capacity Tote bag, material selection of linen fabric canvas. Practical to be able to hold a universe. Canvas bag of rice white simple and fresh, the designer in the above strange graffiti let the canvas bag to move a small fresh favor.

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