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Canvas Bag In Terms Of Production

Canvas Bag In terms of production

We all know canvas bag is made of a natural material, then since it is a natural material up and down the level of it? This is yes, first of all to say canvas bag and Oxford cloth. The difference between the two is a bag of a PVC material, canvas bag can be and most of the natural fusion together, and pvc material is not, pvc material it contains a layer of waterproof layer of film, and this The membrane is not fusion with nature, if the recovery is still considered a kind of environmentally friendly bag, then what is the difference between the two? Then let's take a look at their respective functions and their use!

So what about the quality problems between the two! First look at the canvas bag. The

 Canvas bag durable, pay attention to the use of two years of environmental canvas bag fabric without any damage, but some places to open the line (sometimes mention very heavy things pressure, manufacturers do not good), so workmanship is sophisticated manufacturers , Which is to be from the publicity time; then the canvas bag fabric is more in the production side is to have good communication with the business staff. So that canvas bags in the production of a very good workmanship. So that consumers have a good face. So that your product can get a good promotion effect, canvas bag to do the effect is a very good, canvas is a cloth bag, is not waterproof, if it is written or less water is a little deformation, this we do not Anxious. If washed with water, then I recommend the following Oxford bag recommended,

 Oxford cloth pvc material.

 Oxford cloth combed cotton fabric. Oxford cloth is a waterproof fabric, specifically for the production of various types of luggage. If the Oxford bag is recycled, it can be called environmental protection. Strictly speaking, Oxford bag is not a kind of environmental protection bag, but the recovery. Or is environmentally friendly. Then the quality of Oxford cloth is a waterproof effect, so the quality is no problem, unless it is raw manufacturers to cut corners. Speaking of cutting corners now so strictly speaking is probably no. The recent business is hard to do. Once the consumer is found to be cut corners, then he will vigorously promote, which led to the company facing a bankruptcy problem. This is only in the production above or above the price increase it, this is very normal, with the rapid economic development, the price is still higher acceptable. Then there is the design, if a bag design to everyone like, then the manufacturers can be said to understand the consumer. This is a continuous breakthrough in the performance of subsidiaries. There is a custom on the one hand to get a good evaluation of consumers, manufacturers fame will be greatly improved, so that customers get a very good way to propaganda, to get a free advertising effect, so that more consumers know this product Is there. This way is to work together and development, then this is to achieve my company to promote the common development effect. The above is a simple introduction to canvas bags and Oxford bags,

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