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Canvas Bag Divided Into Two Kinds Of Thickness

Canvas Bag Divided into two kinds of thickness

Canvas bag Now many people are very familiar with, are made with canvas, simple and convenient, the biggest advantage is environmental protection, we shopping in the street when different consumers will hold a humble canvas bag, this is because We used to use canvas bag so do not feel prominent, but many canvas bag manufacturers to make contributions to environmental protection has not been forgotten by us. So what canvas bag made of what is it? Next canvas bag manufacturers Xiaobian for you to explain what a little knowledge.

   We can be divided into two kinds of canvas bag type, but the rough canvas bag fabric as the name suggests the main test cotton fabric or linen cloth, the benefits of this canvas bag is easy to use when we are also easy to clean, is a comparison Convenient canvas bag. Fine canvas bag, we literally also know that this material canvas bag is the material is more delicate, this canvas work is very fine, combined with a variety of work methods, and rent canvas bag, compared with fabric Fast and durable, with good waterproof performance, the scope of application is relatively wide

   In addition to these two kinds of material canvas bag, there are many canvas bag material, canvas bag manufacturers canvas bag made a beautiful shopping bag, but we are not only because of the beautiful use, we want because the canvas bag beautiful And practical to contribute to our planet's environmental protection.

 Canvas bag printed on the pattern is divided into two,

One is a simple monochrome pattern (no transition color), the other is with excessive color patterns (such as beautiful photos)

If it is a simple monochrome pattern, no transition color, you can choose screen printing, the general printing effect can be achieved, is the most commonly used printing

The second is called thermal transfer, can be printed with a transition color pattern, you can print photo effects

The characteristics of the printing is beautiful, expensive, if not on the canvas bag requirements are high, see not to do, the cost by area,

Recently there is a new printing technology, can be printed on canvas bags, the industry known as silk dot

Because the picture is relatively small, so it may not see very clearly, have done printing are known, the screen is a small mesh, a bit like a layer, the most out when the color is dark,

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