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Canvas Bag Canvas Type

Canvas Bag Canvas type

Canvas fabric due to solid, fast-resistant characteristics, early more used to manufacture military tents, parachutes and so on. With the progress of science and technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, the type of canvas gradually increased, more widely used. Twenty-first century, into the era of environmental protection, canvas this environmentally friendly fabric has been more recognition, and carrying a new fashion concept, into the fashion field. Canvas bag into the current fashion a single product. However, in the purchase of canvas bag, we tend to have errors, some consumers think that the thicker canvas bag, the better the quality, but in reality, the fabric quality and fabric thickness has nothing to do with cotton and processing methods is to determine the quality of the fabric Important factors, canvas Republic of the fabric after a variety of technical treatment of high-quality canvas fabric is not only solid and durable, while feel more delicate, soft, breathable, fabric light also reduced the original heavy canvas bag to bring the sense of weight.

According to a survey from the British Spine Therapy Association, more than half of women are suffering from backpack pain. Backpack too heavy damage to the human body is omni-directional. Adult spine such as tower crane, the left side of the weight, the spine will bend to the left. Such as the left shoulder 5 kg weight, the right side of the muscle may have to produce 15 to 20 kilograms of power in order to maintain the balance of the body. Over time, this force will eventually oppress the lumbar spine. Scoliosis, not only affect the aesthetic but also damage the health of the body. Scientists recommend that the ideal weight of the backpack should not exceed 3 kg. We live in a hurry, heavy work, heavy pressure, but also a heavy burden on the backpack every day, for our lives and added a burden. Change the mood, please choose a more light canvas bag.


Whether the fine workmanship, determines the quality of the product quality. The finer the work, the better. The higher the grade of the product. We need to view the main aspects are:

Bags of the pin is smooth, uniform, not loose line, keep the line, the line should be parallel with the package edge; hardware accessories are symmetrical, locking strong, zipper pull to smooth; package body center of gravity is offset; The package should pay attention to the length of the length of the length is appropriate; a lot of people have overlooked the bottom of the bag bottom, bag bottom requirements smooth; bag with a fold, the thickness should be moderate, keep the appearance of the same as the bag smooth; Cover, to see whether the accuracy of cover is appropriate, when the handle is easy to handle. Canvas Republic Canvas bag accessories are made of iron, copper or zinc alloy die-cast embryo, through the ancient silver plating, sealing glaze treatment, in order to achieve the perfect texture and washed many times the effect of stainless steel. (This is the clothing on the hardware accessories requirements, because after the sale of clothing will be washed many times, ordinary canvas bag is rarely useful)

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