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Canvas Bag Canvas Bag Material Density

Canvas Bag Canvas bag material density

As we all know, high-end bag is not entirely leather material friends, of course, some designers in order to highlight the theme of this season, and a better interpretation of this bag design, will use some special material fabric, for example, we are not familiar with "canvas".

Sorted out about the leather and canvas stitching of the situation, according to professional knowledge, first check the bag wear and stains, so as to determine the effect after washing. Early need to prepare the tool is very complete, here need to focus on mention of glacial acetic acid. Speaking of glacial acetic acid farming farming had to nagging one, its role is mainly fixing, to stains. Bag above the watermark, water stains, yellowing the situation, in front of them are small case friends ~ of course to meet the professional approach and knowledge.

Canvas bag also take the high-end luxury route canvas fight bag

 Must first wash the skin, after washing cloth. Why? Because the leather will fade, if the order reversed, will cloth dyeing.

First, with a brush along the edge of the brush to the middle; to be natural cloth to dry, after a small iron in the fold a little ironing, complete stereotypes.

Then, the leather parts of the repair, fat, color, color, visual. Above the leather on the cleaning process, the fourth period has a detailed description of Oh, please yourself automatically brain fill ~

After the end of the whole process, in order to achieve perfection, the master will eventually check again, to confirm the correct after the package Oh!

Canvas bag material density direct measurement method is by virtue of cloth or fabric density analysis mirror to complete. Fabric length analysis mirror scale length of 5cm, under the analysis of the lens, a long strip of glass plate engraved with a red line, in the analysis of fabric density, the movement of the lens, the glass on the red line and scale on the red line at the same time Root yarn, as a starting point, while moving the number of lens edge number of yarn, until the 5cm tick line for this. The number of yarns output is multiplied by 2, which is the density of 10 cm fabric. In the number of yarn points, the center of the two yarns should be the starting point, if the number to the end, more than 0.5, and less than one, should be 0.75 basis; if less than 0.5, then According to 0.25 operator. Fabric density should generally be measured 3-4 data, and then take the arithmetic mean for the determination of the results. Tell you a little secret, the master said, canvas is no way to change color Oh! So, for the beloved

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