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Apron The Scope Of The Apron

Apron The scope of the apron

The scope of the apron

Apron can be broadly divided into the following categories: rubber apron, non-woven apron, RPET peach leather apron, cotton apron, silk apron, canvas apron and so on. US-China apron fabric is different, use is not the same. Rubber apron is also known as the work apron, is a chemical anti-apron, with the effect of insulation, such aprons for chemical workers, but also for biomedical, electronics, printing and dyeing and other fields of work. There are a variety of plastic, double plastic variety of specifications to natural rubber, cotton as the substrate, as the acid-base operation abdominal protection supplies. Non-woven apron is a non-woven fabric that can be used directly with high-fiber slices, short fibers or filaments through a variety of fiber forming methods and consolidation technology with a soft, breathable and planar structure of the new fiber products. More economical, firm, environmentally friendly. This kind of apron for a wide range of non-woven aprons printed tough and durable, handsome in appearance, waterproof, and can be reused, can be washed, silk screen advertising, mark, long use, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, The use of gifts. RPET Peach Pants is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabrics, this fabric is the use of Coke bottles of recycled environmentally friendly fiber raw materials, the recovery of Coke bottles rolled into pieces, after spinning processing, can be recycled and Effective reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, compared with conventional processes to produce polyester fiber to save nearly 80% of the energy. Cotton apron is a kind of relatively soft, can be sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to hair ball, a more healthy fabric, this apron suitable for home applications. The silk apron is made of a waterproof satin. This apron is more suitable for use at home and in the kitchen, such as cleaning easier when sticking dust, the apron cleaning is very convenient, easy to use and use. There are also canvas aprons, canvas apron more wear and dirt, the scope of application is also very wide.

 Apron is our daily life is more common in a kind of goods, is extremely extensive. Apron style and fabric is also divided into a variety of, because the fabric is different, the scope of application of the apron also will change.

What is the general use of apron material

Apron with a variety of fabrics, generally with cotton and canvas non-woven denim, professional wear aprons mostly with polyester fabric, waterproof apron with cotton composite PVC fabric. Water cloth or cotton, there are special industries with leather, rubber, etc., but now more popular non-woven or non-woven film with the material, low cost, good-looking and environmentally friendly.

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