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Apron The Details Of The Introduction

   Apron What is an apron? Apron is cooking, used to block some unclean things

  Apron style

Half-length apron, like a skirt that only around the lower body.

Hanging neck apron, near the neck where there are bands, tied in the neck, lower body apron tied to the waist.

Vest aprons, shoulders like a vest, the waist is tied up;

Body apron, from the sleeves to the neck are covered by the kind, similar to the clothing.

  Apron production:

1. Material: a waste shirt.

Need part: back, collar, left and right buckle part, pocket, buttons 2.

Production steps: 1. Cut the back.

Cut the collar. About the part of the buckle also cut.

3. Iron cut a good collar. Turn over the iron, let the old side in the inside.

4. other cut are also good iron.

5. fold the back of the body, and then draw a line in the side of the line. And then along the line 1CM around the cut off the excess part. (In the folded state of a cut)

6. cut after the start of the look.

7. Wrap the just-cut place.

8. Cut the two buckle portions into the same wide strip and sew the edge.

9. the collar on the corner there is no buttonhole and 6 has been done in the right corner of the right nail together, when the staples with a button to nail together.

10. The left side of the button directly on the back body.

11. the use of the original collar of the original buttonhole, the 10 nail on the button buckle on it.

12. Place the two bands in 7 on the left and right sides of the body.

13. sew the pocket.

14. Finally do some of their favorite decoration on the OK ~ ~

  Apron cleaning method:

1, usually washing can be hand washing, can also be machine wash, the use of alkaline detergent;

2, the washing temperature depending on the color of the cotton may be, usually the best water temperature of 40 ~ 50 ℃, bright or dark color water temperature should not be too high, too high apes easy to wrinkle, washing time should not be too long to avoid fading. White sweatless cotton can be boiled. With sweat cotton cloth products are not easy to high temperature washing, so as to perspiration in the protein coagulation and adhesion to the fiber, resulting in yellow spots;

3, waterproof apron on if stained with paint stains, need to use kerosene or turpentine rub until stains so far;

4, ventilated cool place drying waterproof apron, can not be exposed in the sun;

5, in the ironing waterproof apron, the amount of wet, so easy to ironing.

In short, sometimes we seem to be a very small thing, in fact, it is very delicate cleaning solution Oh! Waterproof apron is such an example, only we do this cleaning method, in order to extend its service life.

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