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Apron Product Positioning

Apron Product positioning

Waterproof apron cleaning method edit

1. Washing can be hand-washed, and can be washable, using alkaline detergents;

2, washing temperature depends on the denim colour and lustre, usually the best water temperature of 40 ~ 50 ℃, the color bright or dark products water temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, too high apron easily wrinkled, washing time shoulds not be too long, lest fade. White cotton without sweat stains can be boiled. The cotton cloth with sweat stain is not easy to wash with high temperature, lest the protein in sweat stain solidifies and adhere to the fiber, thus appear yellow spot;

3. If the paint stain is stained on the waterproof apron, the stain should be cleaned with kerosene or turpentine first.

4. Ventilated the cool place to dry the waterproof apron, not to be exposed in the sun;

When ironing waterproof apron, the right amount is wet, which makes it easier to iron.

In a word, sometimes we look like a very small thing, actually its cleaning fluid is very exquisite! Waterproof apron is such an example, only we can do such a cleaning method, can prolong its service life.

Fan name editor

Another explanation for the apron is the nickname of wu kequn fans. "Wai group" means always around wu kequn, supporting him, loving him, praising him, liking him, caring for him, cheering him on.

Microgroups are called editors

Microgroups, short for microblogs, are based on the concept of "group". Friends who are able to aggregate the same hobby or the same label will gather all the relevant topics in the microgroup. To make it more convenient for like-minded friends to participate and communicate in the form of microblog, the microgroup has been dubbed an "apron" by netizens.

In micro group of

1. Know your neighbors or colleagues in your industry;

Take a look at what's happening around you.

3. There will be more professionals to discuss and communicate with you;

4. Get more care and attention, not just your fans!

5. Internal communication and sharing through private micro-groups.

How to play

1. Register sina pass;

2. Have the pass, login, and then follow the process to open the microblog;

3. Enter the homepage of the microgroup in the navigation bar, and select the microgroups that are interested in joining.

Product positioning

The small circle in the big microblog service, service sina weibo existing micro blog users, provide the user small circle of aggregation, communication, communication platform.

Product history

In mid-july 2010, sina weibo launched the beta version of the "leju micro group", which is the predecessor of sina micro group, with over 40,000 users and 600,000 users. The corresponding topics are all gathered in microgroups, so that like-minded friends can participate and communicate in a more convenient way.

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