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Apron Basic Process

Apron Basic process

From the basic process of bronzing can be seen, bronzing the three basic elements are: temperature, pressure and hot stamping time.

In order to obtain the ideal hot stamping effect, hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure, hot stamping speed and other process parameters must be reasonable to master;

In addition, the quality of the raw materials associated with the bronzing must also be protected, such as: the imprinting of the printing material, the performance of Alumina and the quality of hot stamping plate and so on. If a link is a problem, will affect the final hot stamping effect.

Choose the appropriate substrate. Can be a lot of gold foil, usually paper, such as: coated paper, white paper, white cardboard, cloth paper, offset paper and so on. But not all of the paper bronzing effect is ideal, if the surface rough, paper loose paper, such as books and periodicals, poor offset paper, etc., because the electrochemical layer is not well attached to its surface, the unique metal Gloss can not be well reflected, and even hot stamping is not, therefore, the bronzing of the substrate should be selected dense texture, high smooth, high surface strength of the paper, so as to get a good hot stamping effect, the unique electrochemical aluminum Luster fully reflected.

Choose the appropriate type of Alumina based on the substrate. The structure of the aluminum foil has five layers, namely: polyester film layer, shedding layer, color layer (protective layer), aluminum layer and glue layer. Electrochemical aluminum models more common are l, 2, 8, 12, 15 and so on. In addition to gold color, there are silver, blue, brown, green, red and so on dozens. Select the aluminum oxide not only to choose the appropriate color, but also according to the different selection of the corresponding model. Different models, its performance and the scope of the material is also different hot. Under normal circumstances, the paper is the most used hot stamping No. 8, because 8, even the appropriate adhesion of Alumina, gloss better, more suitable for the general printing of paper or polished paper, lacquer stamping. If you insist on hard plastic, you should choose the other corresponding models, such as 15, Dian Hualv.

The quality of aluminum is mainly by visual and feel to check, such as check the color of aluminum, light and trachoma and so on. Good quality of the requirements of the aluminum foil uniform color, hot stamping after the smooth, no trachoma. The fastness and tightness of the aluminum can generally be checked by hand rubbing, or by applying a clear tape to the surface. If the aluminum is not easy to fall off, indicating fastness, tightness is better, more suitable for hot stamping small text patterns, hot stamping is not easy paste version; if you gently rub the electrochemical aluminum have fallen off, then the tightness Can be used for pictures more sparse hot stamping; In addition, pay attention to the broken aluminum, broken the less the better.

It is noteworthy that the aluminum must be properly kept, should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, not with acid, alkali, alcohol and other substances mixed with a place, and have moisture, anti-high temperature, sun protection and other measures, otherwise the aluminum will be shortened Period of use.

Making a good hot plate. Hot stamping plate is generally copper, zinc and resin version, relatively speaking, the best copper, zinc version of moderate, slightly worse resin version. Therefore, for fine stamping, should be used as much as possible with copper. For the hot plate, requiring its surface smooth, graphic lines clear, smooth edges, no pimple and burr. If the surface is slightly uneven or slightly abrasions, fluff, you can gently wipe the use of charcoal, so smooth and smooth. Hot plate version of the depth of rot should be slightly deep, at least 0.6mm above the slope of 70 ° or so, to ensure that the hot stamping graphic clear, reduce the contiguous and paste version, while improving the printing rate. Hot stamping of the text, lines and patterns of design is very particular about. Graphic should be as appropriate as moderate, dense and reasonable, such as too small too small, easy to break the stroke; too thick too dense, it is easy paste version.

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