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Apron Apron In The Style Is Tens Of Millions Of Changes

Apron Apron in the style is tens of millions of changes

Home apron silk screen technology

Home apron silk screen technology apron manufacturers to provide the following information for reference Apron is no longer cooking dry cleaning, with a simple piece of cloth around the body, and now the consumer is the pursuit of fashion personalized. Home apron has become one of the fashion personalized items. Now the home apron in the style is tens of millions of changes, but also particularly attractive in the pattern, different patterns, people put it down. Do you know how these fashionable personalized designs come from? Xiaobian tell you: now the home aprons are usually printed with silk screen technology, this printing method is already very common. As printed out of the product effect is good, so very popular with consumers. At present, the three mainstream silk screen printing process is as follows: 1, watermark is the use of water-based rubber mortar as a printing medium, so called watermark. Watermarks are more common in textile printing. Printing and processing into the paste and water-based plastic to reconcile on the line.

The origin of the apron legend When people cook, like an apron in the waist. The role of the apron is to prevent dirty clothes. Can people aprons, but from a beautiful myth story. Once upon a time there was an orphan on the edge of the river, named Zhang Liang. One winter, Zhang Liang in the wild to see a little white dog cold shiver, put it back carefully feeding. Once, Zhang Liang from the field to work back, smell a while rice fragrance. A look at the door, the table placed a few bowls of food. Zhang Liang think, this is who do the meal? For several days, meals are like this. Ask neighbors, neighbors say they do not. On this day, Zhang Liang did not come back for lunch. He stepped in the door and saw a beautiful girl in the fire. Zhang Liang deliberately cough a cry. Hear the voices, the girl quickly ran to the bed, picked up a white dog skin to the body Phi, became the little white dog. The original girl is the little white dog. The next day, Zhang Liang and early to come back, suddenly opened the door, grabbed the dog skin. Girl did not have a dog skin, do not go back to Zhang Liang pleading. Zhang Liang not to, have to ask the girl's bottom line. It turned out that this girl is a white dog child essence, see Zhang Liang Shanliang honest, the day had a very bitter, to help him burn the fire. Zhang Liang said: "how nice the man, why do you want to change the dog child? If you do not want me, give me a daughter!" The girl said with a smile, "you can, but you have to give me the leather." "Zhang Liang worried she ran, determined not to give her the skin. The girl said: "I wear thin, no leather, not cold?" Zhang Liang thought is to cut a piece of leather, the girl around the waist, the remaining leather into the stove burned. Since then, Zhang Liang in the outside of arable land, the girl in the house cooking, small days had sweet sweet honey. We all envy them, but also learn them, women cook to cook, chest always a white apron. Slowly became a custom.

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